Me in Oxford

I am a theoretical linguist, which means I study human language from a scientific perspective. I come up with theories about how it works and why, and then test them. In particular, I am interested in the structure of sentences (syntax), how the meanings of sentences are computed (semantics), and the ways in which these two interact.

I am currently a doctoral student, and my thesis (supervised by Mary Dalrymple and Ash Asudeh) is about multiword expressions (such as idioms like pull strings or cut the mustard) and how they should be represented in the mental lexicon.

My work mostly uses Lexical Functional Grammar, a constraint-based (non-derivational) grammatical framework, and I am interested more broadly in well-formalised theories of grammar.

I am also interested in sociolinguistics, and especially in the intersection of language, gender, and sexuality. I have done some work in this area using critical discourse analysis, and hope to do more.

Outside of linguistics, I enjoy techy things, strategy gaming, and being a card-carrying SJW.