Me in Oxford

I am a theoretical linguist: I come up with theories about how human language works and why, and then test them. In particular, I am interested in the structure of sentences (syntax), how the meanings of sentences are computed (semantics), and the ways in which these two interact.

Professionally, I am a Stipendiary Lecturer in Linguistics at St Hugh's College, where my teaching includes general linguistics, psycholinguistics, syntax, and sociolinguistics.

Research-wise, I am interested in well-formalised theories of grammar and meaning, especially constraint-based, non-derivational theories (such as Lexical Functional Grammar). My recent doctoral thesis looks at multiword expressions (such as idioms like pull strings or cut the mustard) within such a framework, and investigates how these kinds of expression should be represented in the mental lexicon.

Beyond syntax and semantics, I am also interested in sociolinguistics, and especially in the intersection of language, gender, and sexuality.

Outside of linguistics, I enjoy techy things, strategy gaming, and being a card-carrying 'SJW'.